Durable Energy Cell

Durable Energy Cell
Treasure Number 158 (NTSC) / 156 (PAL)
Series Mystical Energy Series
Location Shower Room (Sublevel 2)
Treasure Value 160
Weight 15
Max. Carriers 20

The Durable Energy Cell is found on the second sublevel of the Shower Room. It is a C Duracell Battery and is located in one of the corners of the sublevel.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"This cryptic item exhibits an unbelievable quantity of stored, dormant energy. The civilization that created this must have advanced tremendously when it discovered this powerful new energy source. If I were to take this technology back home, how would it affect the future of Hocotate?"

[edit] Sales Pitch

"Humanoid History is one big scramble for energy, and this is a colossal fountain of it. Has the change to renewable energy on Hocotate already begun? We machines watch..."

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