Dimensional Slicer

Dimensional Slicer
Treasure Number 75
Series Modern Amenities Series
Location Hole of Heroes (Sublevel 9)
Treasure Value 100
Weight 8
Max. Carriers 15

The Dimensional Slicer is a treasure only available in the NTSC version of Pikmin 2. It is located on the ninth sublevel of the Hole of Heroes cave. This sublevel contains several varieties of Bulborbs and this treasure is found inside of a Fiery Bulblax. The Dimensional Slicer is a can opener.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"Our salvage operations have yielded several unbelievably advanced artifacts. According to my analysis, this cutting device can slice through the fabric of time and space. My days of struggling to open food canisters are over!"

[edit] Sales Pitch

"A dimensional cutter that slices through space and time, this is nothing to be trifled with. Good children will know not to play with this item."

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