Piklopedia Number 12
Scientific Name Parasiticus Pikminicus
Family Pikmin Family
Seeds Given N/A
Treasure Value 3 Pokos (Mature Bulbmin)
Weight 7 (Mature Bulbmin)
Max. Carriers 14 Pikmin (Mature Bulbmin)
Areas None
Caves Frontier Cavern, Submerged Castle, Hole of Heroes
Bulbmin Clan.jpg

Bulbmin are creatures in Pikmin 2 that are actually Bulborbs that have been infected with a parasitic species of Pikmin. The behavior of a bulbmin depends on its age. Adults act similarly to Spotty Bulbears in that they are always wandering around, and will attack if pikmin are in range. Juveniles, however, are harmless and simply follow the adults around in groups of up to 10. If the parent bulborb is defeated, the juveniles will scatter and must be called with the whistle to be brought under control. The juvenile bulbmin can then be used to help defeat other enemies or collect Treasure, just like normal pikmin. They are extremely useful as they are immune to all 4 of the main Hazards: fire, water, electricity, and poison (although the adult bulbmin may still be poisoned due to ingestion of white pikmin). Unfortunately, bulbmin only live underground and cannot be brought to the surface; any bulbmin that you find will only be with you for the remainder of the Cave.

Also, in most caves that contain bulbmin, the amount of space left in your pikmin team upon entering the sublevel determines the amount of juvenile bulbmin that may be found in the cave. For example, if you have 98 Pikmin with you when you enter the sublevel, there may be just 2 juvenile bulbmin on the floor, whereas if you entered with 100 pikmin, there may be no juvenile bulbmin at all.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Notes

"This loathsome creature is in fact a parasitic form of pikmin that has infected a bulborb. Unlike pikmin who live in Onions, this parasitic relative spends its life inside the body of a host, usually a bulborb. Juveniles fall in line and mimic the actions of their parent until maturing to full independence. By burying its rootlike limbs into the nervous system of the host bulborb and infusing it with natural hormone excretions, the bulbmin is able to control virtually all of the host's bodily functions. However, the host's voracious appetite seems impossible to suppress."

[edit] Louie's Notes

"Grind the meat and season with allspice, salt, and ground white pepper. Press the seasoned meat into satchels, then pan fry them with onions. Prior to serving, smother the brats in Dijon mustard and sauerkraut. Buns are optional."

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