Bosses (Pikmin)


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Pikmin has a multitude of difference bosses and sub-bosses, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.


[edit] Bosses And sub-bosses

There are bosses in Pikmin.They are usually giant and more dangerous creatures that will have a ship part.There are exceptions.

[edit] Beady Long Legs

This is a giant mechanical spider with huge somewhat iron legs. A guide to fight him is coming soon. He appears in The Forest Navel and has a ship part.

[edit] Puffstool

A giant mushroom who runs around.He is not much of a threat himself,but can unleash a spore that,if a pikmin is caught in,will follow the puffstool around and attack you and your pikmin.To defeat him,your Pikmin must attack his bottom until he is flipped over an that is when you attack. Be prepared to call your pikmin back because he will unleash his spores. Just repeat this process and you will defeat him. He is found in The Forest Navel and has a ship part.

[edit] Armored Cannon Beetle

This is a huge beatle with a protective shell and a blowhole that fires huge boulders at you.He is found in [The Distant Spring]] and THe Forest of Hope.Both times he gives you ship parts.To defeat him,you will need a lot of red pikmin due to their immunity to fire.Try to stall his movement by having pikmin attack his lower body and when you can, face him forward and toss pikmin into is blowhole.His back wings will open and you can now attack him with all your red pikmin.Reapeat this process and you will be successful.It should also be noted to watch out for his boulders.If you stay away from his front,you should be fine.

[edit] Emperor Bulblax

This is the final boss of the game and the most aggravating.He is the only enemy at The Final Trial.IN the sand arena, you will notice a huge clup of grass in the middle of it. Approach and the emperor will emerge and begin to attack.He will gulp up pikmin with his huge tongue,so stay to his side.You will need a bunch of red and blue pikmin to fight and yellow pikmin to hold the bomb rocks.When the emperor swallows the bomb rocks(or the pikmin holding the bomb rocks)he will lose a little health and be slightly immobilized. This is when you attack.When he is mobile again,call back your pikmin or else he will shake them off and they will go underneath him and he will crush them.If he jumps high in the air,run!Try to get out of the arena because he can't attack you then.This battle will be very aggravating but is rewarding in the end.

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