Awakening Wood

This is the place you go to after you obtain the Spherical Atlas. You land near 2 dwarf bulborbs and 1 bulborb go ahead and kill them if you want. Then head into an opening with rocks next to it. You will see 2 pink berry stalks. collect 10 berries and you will obtain the Ultra-Bitter Spray. Knock down the black gate nearby the stalks. Walk ahead with your purples until you emerge a shelled creature. It looks like the pink circles are its eyes but they aren't. It will emerge from the ground from the opposite sides of the pink circles. Kill it. go ahead until you see a creeping chrysthuma. kill it. ignore it's body and keep going onward. go until you find the Hole of Beasts. Enter it. When you escape, you'll have the Treasure Gauge. If you have time, go to the right and enter the White Flower Garden. you will come out with White Pikmin the do whatever you want.

[edit] Treasures

[edit] Caves


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