Anode Dweevil

Anode Dweevil
Species Number 38
Scientific Name Mandarachnia volticula
Family Dweevil
Seeds Given N/A
Treasure Value 2 Pokos
Min. Carriers
Max. Carriers 6
Above-ground Areas None
Underground Areas (Caves) Shower Room, Submerged Castle, Hole of Heroes, Dream Den

The Anode Dweevil is a species of Dweevil from Pikmin 2 that will deliver a deadly shock to any neighboring Pikmin. This species of Dweevil is one of the most dangerous, because unlike Munge, Caustic, and Fiery Dweevils, their discharge attacks will instantly kill all Pikmin (except for Yellow ones, because they are immune to electricity).

[edit] Olimar's Notes

"Members of the dweevil family are known for carrying objects of astonishing size on their backs and mimicking them. The anode dweevil is one species in this family. They seem to have no particular preference for which objects they carry on their backs, as they will carry anything they can lift. They boast an internal organ that generates electrical charges, which the anode dweevil releases when it senses danger."

[edit] Louie's Notes

"Raw anode dweevil makes for an unforgettable sushi treat, but if it is not prepared by an expert hand with exact precision, consumption could result in a jolting electrical explosion of apocalyptic proportion."

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