White Flower Garden

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White Flower Garden
White Flower Garden Map.jpg
Location Awakening Wood
Number of Sublevels 5
Number of Treasures 7
Total Treasure Value 580 Pokos
Hazards Fire, Poison
Boss Burrowing Snagret
White Flower Garden.jpg

This is likely the 3rd Cave you will encounter, and the 2nd one in the Awakening Wood. It is, as the name implies, where White Pikmin are first discovered. The cave has few enemies, but several Gas Pipes and 3 Ivory Candypop Buds. The Five-man Napsack is found inside the belly of a Burrowing Snagret on the final sublevel, and is fashioned into the Napsack for use in the Exploration Kit. This item is quite useless though, as napping by holding X only causes your Pikmin to bring you back to an Onion at the Landing Site. Napping in Pikmin with the D-pad made Olimar invincible, and caused enemies to attack you instead of the Pikmin, which is useful is you want to carry an object past a large monster. If the Pikmin near you were idle, they would bring you back to an onion just like in Pikmin 2, but when Olimar hit the onion, fireworks would come out.

[edit] Ship's Notes

"Astounding! My metal detectors are reacting violently. What could be down below? If you find trouble below, press START/PAUSE to contact me and press R on the radar screen. The exploration pod will drop its loot to make room to carry you, Louie, and the Pikmin to safety."



[edit] Sublevels

[edit] Sublevel 1

Sublevel 1 (Actual sublevel layout may differ slightly as it is randomized each time you enter the sublevel)

Terrain: Rusty

Description: A bunch of Male and Female Sheargrubs.


Total Treasure Value: 80 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 2

Sublevel 2

Terrain: Rusty

Description: Just 2 Fiery Blowhogs.


Total Treasure Value: 200 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 3

Sublevel 3

Terrain: Rusty/Dirt

Description: No enemies on this floor. There are however 3 Ivory Candypop Buds, allowing you to turn 15 of your Red Pikmin into White Pikmin! They must be used to dig up the Superstick Textile. There are also a couple Honeywisps over in some of the bushes, which will drop Nectar if attacked. Have your newborn white Pikmin drink it up so they can bloom!


Total Treasure Value: 80 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 4

Sublevel 4

Terrain: Dirt

Description: No enemies on this floor either, but there are several Gas Pipes which you must destroy with your White Pikmin before trying to bring any other types by. If a Treasure is on the log, toss some Pikmin up there, then call them and direct them with the C-stick over to the treasure.


Total Treasure Value: 120 Pokos

[edit] Sublevel 5 (Final Floor)

Sublevel 5

Terrain: Dirt

Description: The only enemy here is the cave boss, a Burrowing Snagret, which hides underground in the large "nest" in the middle of the floor. The easiest way to beat it is by latching your Pikmin onto its head when it emerges from the ground. Before it does, the ground above it will shake. Move your Pikmin onto that area with the C-stick, and they will begin attacking the snagret immediately. Either toss on more Pikmin (from a distance) or back away. It will eventually burrow back into the ground. Repeat this process until it is dead. Alternatively, if you are not concerned about losing a few Pikmin, you can swarm this beast from the ground. Generally though, standing in front of the snagret is not a good idea. There are also a few eggs on the edge of the nest, which contain Nectar. You can have your Pikmin drink this either before or after the battle, but it may be a good idea to do it after the battle, because some of your Pikmin may lose their petals and become leaf Pikmin again after facing the snagret.

Using Purple Pikmin or Sprays like in the video on the right is also a good idea.


Total Treasure Value: 100 Pokos

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