Pikmin Walkthrough

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This page lists the entire guide for the game Pikmin. Use the table of contents to find different sections of the guide.


This guide is for completing the game in under 20 days.

Guide Information

This guide is being written by User:Benedict. It is written in Present (and a bit of past) tense, as he is writing it as he plays the game.

A few things to remember when reading:

  • He only mentions Nectar once or twice. This means it is your choice if you use nectar or not. The grass spawns each day.
  • Pellet collecting can be done in free time, if you don't want to collect one of the said ship parts.
  • This guide aims to complete the game in or under 20 days. You may need to take longer, so don't worry.
  • The guide won't be battling the Smoky Progg, an optional boss.
  • The "it should be midday" etc parts are at the time of playing. If you are before the timing, then that is a good thing and you might be able to attempt another part. If you are slower than that time, then you may need to rush.

Part 1 - Crash Landing (Day 1, The Impact Site)

Once "new game" is selected, a cut scene showing Olimar's spaceship, the Dolphin, being struck by a meteorite and tumbling down to earth will show. After the cut scene Olimar wakes up, only to find his spaceship in ruins, braking up into 30 parts scattered about the region. Due to him not being prepared for this crash, he also finds that the atmosphere of this planet is poisonous Oxygen, and his life system only has enough gas to keep him alive for thirty days.

Now you will need to find a strange dark-red/gray object in the ground. When Olimar goes up to it, it will turn Red, the flower upon it will start spinning and it will pop out of the ground. Then a strange seed pops out of the top. After some investigation, Olimar calls this an Onion.

While the seed is pushing its head out of the ground, attack (using A) one of the Pellet Posys around the area, and after, go up to the seed. Press A. Out of the ground pops a Red Pikmin, one of the colors of Pikmin that will aid you to collect all thirty parts.

When a Pikmin is in your control, it will move about at your command. The controls Olimar will explain, however for this guide Wii controls will be used. Go and find a Pellet, and throw (A) your only Pikmin at it. The number on the Pellet represents how many Pikmin need to carry it. Once you pick it up, the Pikmin will automatically take it back to the onion. The fraction above a Pellet when it is moving are representing how many are needed (The numerator) and how many Pikmin are on it (The denominator). As the Pellet enters the onion, another "text scene" will play and more Pikmin will come out from the onion. Once grown, press A to pluck them. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the pellets, including the large 5 (once you have 5 Pikmin).

You should have 14 Pikmin.

Part 2 - Pushing the Cardboard Box (Day 1, The Impact Site)

Using down on the Wii remote's D-Pad, swarm your 14 Pikmin next to the box and they should start pushing it forwards. As you can see, a minimum of 10 Pikmin are needed as shown on the top of the box. Later this box will be used to collect Bomb rocks and as a bridge. Call back your Pikmin with B and walk up the ramp and onto the rocky plain, where you will find three 1 pellets and a 5 pellet. You should now (once the pellets are all collected) have twenty-five Pikmin. About now, Olimar will say something about rapidly tapping A to pluck all the seeds without having to walk up to each one. This is a very useful piece of advice.

Once all of the Red Pikmin are plucked, find the first Ship Part and throw all of your Pikmin at it, they will all be needed to carry the Engine back to the ship. When the part is finally returned, your day is done and you will unlock a new area called the Forest of Hope. Also on the map menu you can see there is another part in the Impact Site, but you can't get it yet as you need two more types of Pikmin.

If you collected all of the pellets, you should have 25 Pikmin.

Part 3 - Forest Exploration (Day 2, The Forest of Hope)

Although it is possible to gain one ship part per day, this is a boring method and so this guide will show how to get all 30 ship parts in under twenty days.

Once you have landed in the forest of hope, call out your Pikmin by pressing A on the onion, and selecting how many Pikmin you want. You'll need all 25, so take them out. Before getting them to work, you will want to direct them to a strange patch of grass next to the dolphin. This Nectar Grass will provide Nectar for your Pikmin making them faster and stronger.

Send 23 Pikmin to the gate (not the stone gate next to the dolphin, that can't be crushed by attacking it) and they will start bashing it down. Use the other two Pikmin to gain pellets from the Pellet Posys in the area of the dolphin and Onions. As they are knocking it down you may notice a new thing has appeared at the top of your screen, a Day meter. This will slowly progress forwards as the day continues, and when it has reached the end of the bar Night will have fallen, and several things will happen.

Once the gate is gone, you have a bit of an area to explore. Before barging in you will need to clear the area of Dwarf Spotty Bulborbs, which may kill Pikmin by eating, Swarm or chuck Pikmin on the head of these creatures to kill them. Now you can get at the Pellets including a 5 on a ledge and a massive 10 near the larger Red Bulborb, which you do not want to wake up yet. If you accidentally wake it up run with your Pikmin (ignore the pellets, run!) back to the landing area, and the bulborb will turn round and go back into its slumber.

When you are in the direction of the giant 10 Pellet you will see another Ship Part, so once you have 40 (yes 40!) Pikmin you can collect it.

You should have around 70 Pikmin.

Part 4 - Swarmin' (Day 2, The Forest of Hope)

It should be nearly midday. Go round to the back of the large bulborb (without waking it up) and either chuck pikmin on its back or swarm its feet. Swarming is faster but also more riskier. Leave this beast unless you really need it due to Pikmin losses and locate and take back the ship part the Eternal Fuel Dynamo. Using the rest of your Pikmin (if any) bash down the gate behind the bulborb.

Once both tasks are done (for the gate you will probably want to take the Pikmin that were carrying the ship part and make them help to), you can kill the dwarf and large bulborb inside. This is quite tough due to the smaller bulborb either waking up the larger bulborb with a shriek, or attacking and eating while the larger specimen is being attacked. Be prepared to retreat.

Glitch: Seen your Pikmin count decrease even though the bulborb didn't eat your Pikmin? Well, this is a glitch and it involved the Pikmin getting crushed.

When the enemies are defeated, you'll see another onion containing the new color of Pikmin, the Yellow Pikmin. Once again, you will need to raise these Pikmin using the bulborb's, pellets and other spoils. Note that if you put 6 red and 4 yellow on an item it will be taken to the Red Onion, but if you put 6 Yellow and 4 red it will be taken to the Yellow onion.

You should have about 70 Red and 10-20 Yellow Pikmin.

Part 5 - Bomb-rocks a-blasting (Day 2, The Forest of Hope)

Quick quick, the day is progressing. Guide some of your yellow Pikmin over to the Gate and make them pick up some strange glowing rocks... after a text-scene throw them at the gate, but remember, these are bomb-rocks and so Pikmin caught in the blast will die... And we don't want that!

On the other side, you will find the Whimsical Radar, throw Red or Yellow (use reds if you want to be safe) Pikmin at it to drag it to the Dolphin before sunset.

Warning!: The Pikmin will move the ship part in such a direction it will attract the attention of two Dwarf Spotty Bulborb's and shergrubs! Kill them first!

Now is the time to find, pluck and grow any more Pikmin you want. You will need to take three Yellow Pikmin to get Bomb-rocks and knock down the stone wall behind the ship, as we can go there later.

Information: Once you reach 100 Pikmin in the field, the rest will be stored inside the onion. You can only have 100 Pikmin in the field at once.

It is nearly sundown! Forget about pellets, any Pikmin you don't have with you, near the Dolphin or Onions or planted will vanish overnight! Hurry and collect all your Pikmin and return to the onions, and then wait for the countdown and the end of the day.

Tip: Want a fantastic firework display about now? Return all except five Pikmin to their Onions, then press 2 to lie down. Then Pikmin will carry you to their onion, and so...

You should have 3 ship parts total (2 today), 70-100 Red Pikmin and 20-30 Yellow Pikmin. Don't worry if you don't, though.

Part 6 - Behind the Ship (Day 3, The Forest of Hope)

Now, back to the Forest of Hope. Behind the ship, there are three ship parts. However, one of these ship parts requires blue pikmin... actually, I lie. It CAN be gotten using a strategy called "gate-aimers" which is extremely risky and only for the expert / speed runner. I'll tell you about it later, but this guide won't be using it as doing it without the loss of a lot of Pikmin is almost impossible. It also wastes a lot of time. Yep, it is possible to get all the ship parts without Blue Pikmin in a single day... with time hacks.

However, this guide will be using another tactic only experts can do called "water crossing" which requires practice.

When you arrive at the forest of hope, go into the main area and kill any dwarf Bulborb's that may have re-spawned. Then set 25 red pikmin at the bridge near the water and get them to build it while you rob the back area of the ship. Today we are going to try and get 3 ship parts. You can always do this when you have Blue Pikmin.

Warning!: Make sure to call your Pikmin when you are in the little ridge, otherwise they may loose course and drown!

Get about 50 Red Pikmin out and kill the Dwarf and Large bulborb behind the ship (if you have not already blown up the blocking stone gate do that now). By the time you finish you should hear a sound and that means the bridge work is done. Set your Pikmin at the black gate and go find your bridge Pikmin. Here is the tricky "You may loose Pikmin" part.

Take them in groups of two to five across the river. Throw them as far as you can to start with and then go into the ledge and call them. You shouldn't kill to many if you aim correctly. When you hear the dinglydong of the other Pikmin finishing on the gate go that way instead of transporting more Pikmin. It should be between quarter day and midday.

Once back at the gate, go in and kill the dwarfs and bulborb's inside. Then, continue forwards and use 30 Pikmin to transport the Nova Blaster back to base. While those two tasks (Bridge building and Nova Transporting) are on, if you have 20 Yellow Pikmin you can do some other things.

The amount of Pikmin may vary. It should be nearly, if not, midday.

Part 7 - More Bomb rocks and the giant Pellet (Day 3, The Forest of Hope)

You'll have probably seen a giant 20 Pellet up high near the stone gate next to the ship. Get out as many yellows as possible so we can get this mega pellet.

But first I'll explain a few things: The hole near the gate (black) can be used as an escape route from the bulborb before the large black gate is down. It can also be used as a hole for hiding from woken up bulborb's.

The gate tactic: If you throw Pikmin on top of the gate in the water, after several minutes they will finish knocking it down (as they will attack from the top). This allows you to battle a boss early.

Tip: If you do want to attempt this tactic, there is a boss at the top worth 50 Pikmin when killed.

So, throw Yellow Pikmin up at this pellet and take any remainders to the Bomb-rock tin. There are three, the quickest is where you found the Nova Blaster or in the main area.

By the time you have collected Bomb-rocks it should be past midday and the Nova Blaster should be at the ship. But before you charge, leave your Yellow Pikmin by the black gate and get red Pikmin for a surprise. Uh oh, a swarm of Shergrubs! swarm them back. Then destroy the black stone gate (9 Bomb rocks needed) and collect the another ship part, the Extraordinary Bolt. It should be before threequarterday. If it is over you need to rush.

Information: Congratulations! You should be able to access a new area, which will be explored tomorrow.

Now go back to your bridge builders. Have they finished? If they haven't they should be quite close, close enough that you can just throw the Pikmin over. When they are finished, go across the bridge and collect the Sagittarius. 20 Pikmin are needed, but just load all your Pikmin on it.

Tip: If you want to speed up your harvest of Pellets and Ship Parts, use nectar provided in Honeywisps and Grass.

It should be past threequarterday, so round up all your Pikmin, and make your final beast harvest. You will now have the Whimsical Radar, so you can see all your Pikmin by pressing + (dots on the map are Pikmin). Now, after a final check you can say goodnight and be ready to explore a new Area tomorrow, the Forest Navel. There is still 3 ship parts left in this region, those will be collected over two days. 2 of them are bosses and one of them is near the Nova Blaster, only needing to kill a single bulborb.

Tomorrow - The Forest Navel!

Part 8 - The Blues (Day 4, The Forest Navel)

A good amount of Pikmin to have by now is 100 Red Pikmin and 50 Yellow Pikmin, or over. Zoom into the forest navel, a new place. Get out 45 Red Pikmin and 10 Yellow Pikmin and take sixteen (for saftey) reds to one side, then put the rest at a gate near the ship that can be knocked down. This is a shortcut.

Next take your 16 red Pikmin and get them to build a Twig near the black stone gate. Do not go down there though, as there are sherwigs.

Tip: Sherwigs and Shergrubs in Pikmin 1 only will not come up if the captain is not walking near.

Now onto the finding of the Blue Pikmin! They are in a watery section right of the twig. Do what you did for the reds and yellows, use the pellets around to raise the Pikmin.

By now the reds should have finished the Twig and be taking back the Automatic Gear.

Glitch: LOL! When the Pikmin carry the ship part off the ledge... It will fall and land at an angle. When they pick it up...

The Breadbug, a dark red walking creature is also nearby. Let it grab onto a pellet and then use two other Pikmin to drag it to the Blue Onion. It will hits its head and ouch... loose most of its health. Then bash it with the captain (out of the water) and it will die, leaving the Space Float. If you have enough Pikmin, take it back now. Otherwise get them from the gate (they will have finished by now). Load all non-blue Pikmin around on it.


Part 9 - Number 1 Ironic Jet (Day 4, The Forest Navel)

Get, pluck and sprout all the Blue Pikmin you want and then (You'll need 15) go behind the blue onion (in the area behind). Make sure there are no reds with you, and dive in to the part where there are some bomb rocks. Snag the #1 Ironic Ionium Jet.

All three Ship Parts (The Space float, the Automatic gear and the Jet) should be back by after midday. 3 parts and it has only just gone midday? Lets try for 4 today! Unfortunately, the rest of the ship parts are... ..in tough positions. Don't worry! It is possible! And this guide will get 4 parts today!

The next part is on the beach. The beach has two enemies on, a harmless to red Pikmin Fiery Blowhog and a single, very dangerous... Wollywog, called a Wollyhop in NPC! PAL version of Pikmin. Ignore it or distract it if you can. But first: The part. Head down onto the beach. First build two bridges quickly. These are on the left side of the beach. Use only red Pikmin for this part. 70 is a good number. Then head forwards where you se a spring. Throw Pikmin up and build the bridge, and then take back the 30-weighing Gravity Jumper. Watch out for the wollywog, distract it if you can (or kill it first, later in this guide I will say how).

Warning!: Even though red Pikmin can't be set on fire, you can be hurt by fire!

Glitch: Don't leave Pikmin under bridges! They may disappear forever!

Once the ship part is back it should be between threequarterday and nightfall. If you want, take some Yellow Pikmin and destroy the gate in front of the ships area (not the black one) with bomb-rocks, this is a handy shortcut.

You should have 10/30 Ship Parts, 100+ Red Pikmin and 50+ Yellow Pikmin. Blues can be 10+, but there is a ship part needing 40 blues in this area!

Things to do before sundown:

  • Round up all Pikmin.
  • Pluck Blue Pikmin in front of their onion.
  • Kill Fiery Blowhogs if you have time. Don't take risks though.
  • Knock down stone gate(s) near ship area.

Tomorrow it is back to this region to collect a few more Ship Parts, then we are going to the impact site to finish that area. Before you exit however, look at the map. The stars are ship parts.

  • The one above the ship, (the direction the ship is facing) and the one that appears to be on an island take one day to get both.
  • The one in the water, requires 40 Blue Pikmin. This can be gotten on the same day as the island ones.
  • The other two are bosses, they can be gotten on the same day if you are lucky.

So! 20 parts to go and 26 days to do it in. Should be enough, yes?

Part 10 - A pretty beady boss (Day 5, The Forest Navel)

If you are Arachnophobic then... anyway, as soon as you arrive at the Navel take out quite a lot of Yellow Pikmin. 40 is a good amount. Also take out 40 Red Pikmin and 10 Blue Pikmin. Sort them into groups. Take 7 Yellow Pikmin and get Bomb rocks, then quickly speed back.

Go round near the other boss, the Puffstool's location and find a stone wall (white). Bomb rock it. Then send in your Reds (Not in the large opened area... don't go there yet!) and get rid of all shergrubs and put them on the black wall (not stone) next to the area opened. Now, take your Yellow Pikmin in half way and let olimar go the rest. The boss will appear...

It's Beady Long Legs! He'll give you a fright if you don't zoom out your camera to make it less... ...scary? Throw Yellow Pikmin onto his torso until he is dead. It may take quite a while. If you are going to play Pikmin 2 soon then you'll be glad to know that the Pikmin 2 version of Beady Long legs is a lot weaker.

This monster is a real tougher. He can crush 50 Pikmin in one shot. Once he is dead use red Pikmin to carry the ship part he drops, the Guard Satellite. If the red Pikmin haven't finished the wall, then leave it until they have. Add yellow Pikmin onto it if they haven't. Watch out for the fire as you exit.


Part 11 - A speedy mushroom attack (Day 5, The Forest Navel)

Head down to the weird purple mushroom and swarm its body. Then after that, just chuck Pikmin onto its top when it flips over. This is how you kill the Toadstool. Watch out for when it flips back over, as it will expel spores that will turn your Pikmin into Zombie Pikmin, as they are called. They will attack you and your Pikmin until the toadstool is killed.

To kill the wollywog throw Pikmin onto its head, and when it jumps, call the back. It crushes Pikmin when it lands.

The ship part the toadstool drops is the Omega Stabilizer. Take the puffstool back for some Pikmin if you have time. If you can't make both ship parts back in time, don't worry. You can collect it on our final visit.

Information: Congratulations! You should be able to access a new area, which will be explored later. If you didn't get all the ship parts back, don't worry.

Part 12 - Pinching the ClampClamp's pearl (Day 6, The Impact Site)

Today we are collecting the last ship part in The Impact Site. We will need all kinds of Pikmin, red, yellow and blue. If you arrive here after day 8, there will be a boss, but because I'm on day 6 there isn't. If there is, see Mamuta or Goolix to see how to kill it.

Now get out 40 Red, as 25 Yellow and 20 Blue. You can see there are giant pellets but first we want the ship part. Take 3 blues to start with and 10 yellows. Get bomb-rocks from the box and blow up the stone wall at the back of the large area. Save at least 2 Bomb-rocks.

In the area you will find a massive Red 20 Pellet but ignore it. Throw (one at a time) a yellow pikmin with a bomb rock at the Pearly Clampclamp. After two blowing ups it should release its pearl. Use blue, and only blue Pikmin to take it back to the blue onion for a massive 50 Pikmin. You will need all 50 for an underwater ship part that needs 40. Pluck these then bring every Pikmin up to the red 20 pellet. Put non-blue onto the gate to knock it down, and then a tactic for defeating the Clampclamp with the ship part in it needed. Throw Pikmin at the part, and when the Clampclamp stretches its lid, call them back. Repeat until the part is out. This part is the Positron Generator. Let some blue Pikmin take it back, and using the others, get the other pearl for the Yellow Pikmin.

The half-day point should have passed earlier.

Part 13 - Large Pellets (Day 6, The Impact Site)

Now hurry. Get both the large 20 Blue and 20 Yellow pellet. Bring them back to the onion, and if you have time, get the three 10 Pellets. Build the stick on the side for the Pikmin to go up and bash a small Geyser hidden in the leaves. The sun is almost down about now, so if you want to do any final preps, do them quickly.

Information: Congratulations! You should be able to access a new area, if you didn't yesterday.

Round up your Pikmin, you had a busy day at the impact site. If you see the Flint Beetle, just throw Pikmin on it.

You should have around 100 of each Pikmin. 18 or 17 Parts to go and 24 days to do it in. Tommorow you can choose: Forest of hope or the Forest Navel. I choose the forest navel.

Part 14 - AquaPikmin (Day 7, The Forest Navel)

Because getting 4 parts in all locations dotted around the map is hard, it will be in two days. The first day we will collect the ship part Beady Long Legs dropped (if you've already done that then skip it) and another part, and making the path for the other two parts.

Upon arrival, take out 50 Red and 50 Blue Pikmin. Take the 30 Reds and collect Beady's ship part. You may find, along the way, planted Pikmin (green dots on map). These were some of the flower pikmin that died in battle. Remember to pluck em all!

Take the rest of your Pikmin onto the beach. Place all the reds onto the gate near the water next to a Fiery Blowhog (kill it first) and then take the blues into the water. Kill both of the wollywogs near the ship part, the Anti-Dioxin Filter. Then take it back. Watch out for more wollywogs and Fiery Blowhogs on the way back.

Midday should pass as you are taking it back. Threequarterday should be when it is back.

Part 15 - Quickly Finishing the bridge (Day 7, The Forest Navel)

Go back to the gate. It should have been finished, and prehaps you used the Pikmin that had finished it to help with the part. Now go in and you will see a giant abyss. Find the bridge and build it across. Watch out for fire Geysers along the way! By the time you are done, it will be nightfall and so you better be quick. Tommorow it is back here to get these two parts.

16 Parts in 23 Days.

Part 16 - The Libra (Day 8, The Forest Navel)

Get 30 Blue Pikmin, 20 Yellow and the rest reds. Then head to where we were yesterday, being careful of the fire. Use about 5 Blues to undig the Geyser, and get 20 Yellow Pikmin and send them up. Then go up yourself, and throw them up again so they can snag the Libra.

Glitch: Caution! The Libra can sometimes bounce and fall off the level... and respawn somewhere else, Or it could be lost forever!

Then get down yourself and swap the Yellows for reds so they can get past all the fiery blowhogs and fire geysers without getting burned, which is a problem. Then, carefully take all of your blues up to the other ship part.

Part 17 - The computer in the deep (Day 8, The Forest Navel)

Send your blues in to get this computer out of the water (Wait, what is the Analog Computer doing in the water?) and get it onto dry land. Get more reds and let them take it back the entire journey. Then make the blues go up the pole. You can use the Crimson Candypop Bud, but I don't recommend it. Oh and look out for the flint beetle. Destroy the geyser.

Warning!: No! Don't send non-blues up that pole! They will fall into the pool on the other side and drown!

Now throw your Yellow Pikmin over to the bomb-rock area (Takes a good aim) and send all the reds back with the ship part. There should be a geyser next to the pole so you can use that or walk back the long way if there is any Pikmin left.

Midday. Now that both parts are back, what can you do? Well:

  • Break down all walls.
  • Collect Pellets and Enemies
  • Nectar up Pikmin
  • Just end the day earily (-) -> (Go to Sunset)

I recommend the second option.

You have now got 16/30 parts. 14 more to go. Back to the forest of hope!

Part 18 - Hopeful Forest of Hope (Day 9, The Forest of Hope)

The best part of this game, and I mean best part, is blowing up those ruddy grub-dogs. If you don't know what I mean, try placing an igniting bomb-rock in front of a bulborb... Yeah.

Take out 30 Blues, 50 Reds and 20 Yellows. Now, most enemies will have respawned so clear the ones behind the ship, All of them. Now go to the bombrock can behind the bulborb (behind the ship) with your yellows and blues. Get as many bombrocks as possible then split up the Pikmin groups and put all blues on the submerged gate.

Quater day.

Now go up via a wet patch in the main area to your Pikmin, blow up the bulborb with two bombrocks if you want, and take the Shock Absorber back to the Dolphin, using as little Pikmin as possible.


Go up to the black gate, and you will see the boss, the Armoured Cannon Beetle on the other side. Get some yellows to blow up the gate.

Once done go in but be careful of the rocks he spits.

Part 19 - Watch for rolling rocks (Day 9, The Forest of Hope)

To kill the Armoured Cannon Beetle, when it sucks in air fire a Pikmin at its nose hole, and its back will open up. Just pelter it's back with Pikmin. Rinse and Repeat. He isn't that hard, actually. Some times one "openbackattack" will kill him. The trasure is behind it. If you are good enough, you can plug its nose hole, let its back open, then quickly move the ship part out... but this beast gives 50 Pikmin when taken back to the ship!

Now you need to collect the Radiation Canopy. Once back, you need to do something else... oh and remember the big beetle, it gets 50 seeds.

Part 20 - Blowing up Bulborbs (Day 9, The Forest of Hope)

In the main area, there may be two large bulborbs. Blow em both up. In the area where you got the Yellow Pikmin, there is a Dwarf and a Large bulborb. Blow up the big one, and smash the small one.

Remember to restock!
Now blow up the stone gate near the can of Bomb-rocks.
Remember to restock!
Blow up the two bulborbs (carefully) and smash the small one.

Remember to restock!

See, isn't it fun? ♪

Tip: When blowing up bulborbs, send one in then send the other in as soon as it throws the rock.

Now you have a bit more time to do what you want. You've successfully Blown up the bulborbs, Crushed the Cannon Beetle and Seized the other ship part. End the day early if you like.

Part 21 - A wild Snagret appeared! (Day 10, The Forest of Hope)

Back to the forest of hope for the last time. Bring all the red Pikmin you can, alongside 10 Blue Pikmin. Go to the area that you unlocked yesterday (Where two bulborbs were, and might still be... :() and kill any respawners. Then throw the 10 Blue Pikmin (You can use reds if you want) over the box so they push it forwards.

Glitch: Sometimes a Pikmin will fall into the water, but the box will still move forward and keep flashing 9 then 10.

Now very carefully take the Pikmin over the narrow bridge and three Burrowing Snagrets, a very tough boss (Beady Long Legs tough) will come out of the ground and eat Pikmin. Wait until it gets its head stuck in the ground then swarm its head. You will loose some Pikmin if you arn't experienced.
The remains of battling the Snagrets.

Tip: Take the Pikmin over in groups of ten if you are worried about them falling into the water.

First-quarter day should be somewhere around here.

Use your map to find the Snagret with the treasure, but the other Snagrets release so many pellets... At midday you should have finished killing each and every snagret.

Part 22 - I treasure that treasure (Day 10, The Forest of Hope)

Alltogether the Snagrets drop twenty "1" pellets, three "5" pellets and finally the treasure, the Geiger Counter which measures Radioactivity, even though Olimar doesn't know that. If he doesn't know what that important part is for, why is he even flying a ship? Anyway, if you use Blue Pikmin the Treasure will be taken over the edge, but non-blues will take it back the long way. Grab all your Pikmin and let them take it all back.

After this, the area is complete. You should kill beasts and take them back for Pikmin as we venture into the second-to-last area, the Distant Spring.

19 Treasures. 11 More to go. 20 Days.

Part 23 - The Bulbear's (Day 11, The Distant Spring)

Welcome to the new area, The Distant Spring. Before we meet the new enemies take out 45 Blue Pikmin and go to the large wetland, where you will find a bridge. After killing Shergrubs on the other side set your Blue Pikmin to work on the bridge.

Meanwhile get out 45 Red Pikmin and kill the Yellow Wollywog on dry land. It is the same tactic as the normal Wollywog, but the Yellow Wollywog is easier. Find another Wollywog and kill it, and by the time you are done, the blues should be done to. Let all your Red Pikmin take back their spoils and head back to the blues.

Go across this bridge, and on the other side, you will find a strange black bulborb with some red spots that appear to get bigger and smaller - freaky! - this is the Spotty Bulbear. In Pikmin 2 these are much worse and always are awake. These bulbears are just tougher Red Bulborbs.

Keep going (avoiding the bulbear) with your Blue Pikmin to find the Massage Machine, an optional part (well, not for Olimar!). Let the blues take it back, they shouldn't wake the Spotty Bulbear. If they do, you are in trouble...

Quarter-day should have passed about 20 seconds ago.

Now get your Reds (Quite a lot, as this bulbear + swarming = sometimes doesn't work) and kill, whichever way you like, the Spotty Bulbear West of the ship. Also there is a Puffy Blowhog, who even though can't kill Pikmin, can blow them away. The blowhog gives quite a lot of Pellets so they can be used if your battle with the bulbear didn't go too well.

Keep going onwards, and you will see a yellow wollywog and two bridges. Put reds on one side and blues on the other, and wait. Watch out for Sherwigs on the other side, near the Ship Part.


Part 24 - The Gluon Drive (Day 11, The Distant Spring)

Tip: If you are having problems, distract the Yellow Wollywog and send it the other way. As long as you don't go too far it won't hop back.

Also, kill the other bulbear in front of bomb rock can where you are at the moment. If you don't... Uh-oh!

The ship part is a very nosy Gluon Drive. It needs quite a lot of Pikmin, to, as you can see (50). When you start taking it back it will be threequarterday.

Your day is done when you get it back.

21/30 Parts, two today. Tomorrow we are going to get 3 more ship parts.

Part 25 - Ship Part up High (Day 12, The Distant Spring)

You'll need to get 60 Blue Pikmin out. Then, go to the bridge where you got the Massage Machine and go left into a small pool. Keep going until you find the wall, and the ship part, but you can't throw Pikmin up there. Instead, go left and you can then throw Pikmin up there and swarm them along the ridge. That's how you get that part.

Warning!: Don't, whatever you do, swarm backwards otherwise they will fall off and be lost for ever!

Make sure you have cleared the area of Yellow Wollywog. The ship part will drop, the Repair-type Bolt, and the blues will take it back. Since you only need 20, put the other Blue Pikmin away and get 13 Yellow Pikmin out, and load them with bomb-rocks from different locations.


Now you need to find the stone gate near the bridge to the Gluon Drive, and blow it up. Inside, avoid any Wollywogs and blow up the next gate. (You can, alternatively, put Pikmin on this gate). Then inside keep going avoiding bulbears and blow up the black stone gate. You probably won't have enough Pikmin so use the "gap" in the side of the gate to get back to the onions. Now take out more blues. 60 in total.

Part 26 - Treasure guarded by Wollywogs (Day 12, The Distant Spring)

Now go to the white stone gate that you blew down and kill the first wollywog. Half-day will occur when doing this. Repeat for the second. Then put your Blue Pikmin onto the Gate in the water, and let them bash it down.

Meanwhile go back and get 35 Red Pikmin, and bring them to the Black Gate (not the stone one) where the blue Pikmin are. When you get back the blues will have finished so go in and let them take back the Zirconium Rotor. Then go into the large area through the black gate and left, until you find the Pilot's Seat, which you can now take back. Did Olimar really drive his ship standing up for 12 nights?

Once you get these treasures back (or ship parts, actually) you're done for the day. If you have time (which you probably won't) you can try killing the bulbears in that area with the black stone gate you probably didn't finish.

Now you may have noticed a strange egg larger than Olimar sitting on a little island. This contains the hardest enemy (harder than the final boss in my opinion) of the game, but the reward is a pearl worth 100 Pikmin seeds. Don't go up to it if you don't want to fight this enemy, the Smoky Progg.

Only 6 more ship parts... we can do it!

Part 27 - We hate Bulbears (Day 13, The Distant Spring)

For the first half of the day we are going to be getting rid of the Spotty Bulbears around the area which we found had the Pilot's Seat in it. Now you'll want to get out about ten Yellow Pikmin and finish off the Black Stone Gate near the Dolphin's area.

Once inside you can either blow up or swarm the Spotty Bulbear. Blowing up is easier but requires an extra bomb rock used (usually three or four if you are unlucky) and a bit more skill. Then get out some Red Pikmin and kill the Puffy Blowhog, being careful of it blowing your Pikmin into the water behind.

Kill the other two bulbears and then the Puffy Blowhog behind that. Take your remaining Pikmin (If any) back to the ship, although you should let them take the spoils back with them. Once at the ship take out 10 Yellows and 30 Blues. Midday.

Part 28 - Candypop mess (Day 13, The Distant Spring)

Before you take on the ship part needing CandyPop buds being used (You don't actually need to use them but it makes the job much easier if you do) take your Yellows to the ridge you can do up (near one of the bulbears). Now guide them along (if they fall off don't go off youself, you'll just have to get them later) and throw them up to the UV Lamp, an optional part. Let them take it back, meanwhile take your Blue Pikmin over to the water where the Puffy Blowhog was. Kill the Water Dumples by swarming (One at a time if you are safety-first) and then throw them up to where a Golden Candypop Bud is. Just throw your Pikmin in and they will pop out as yellows. Bring them over, and throw them up to the Chronus Reactor. Bring it down and turn them all back into Blue Pikmin using the other bud.

Now you won't have much time left so hurry back to base with all your Pikmin. Leave the blues in the ground. Tommorow we are getting that ship part and another one near it, as well as a boss.

For some reason today my Pikmin losses chart looks like a string of DNA (Deoxyribonnueclic acid for those nerds :P)... So, 5 parts in 17 days. I think it will be possible, no?

Part 29 - Bulbear didn't return! Or did it? (Day 14, The Distant Spring)

I think that by day 15 the distant spring will change a bit, so let us be done on the main area by then. Today we will aim on getting three more ship parts, one involving a boss.

First get out five yellow Pikmin, 50 Blue and 50 Red. However you'll probably have a good number of Pikmin planted from yesterday. Pluck the Blue Pikmin and just send them back with the Chronus Reactor instead of taking out all of these Pikmin, which is why I said leave them yesterday. Bring 20 Blue Pikmin for another one of the treasures, alongside as many Red Pikmin as possible (Make sure those bomb-rockers come). If bulbears have returned... well, you have no choice but to kill them.

Send the Chronus Reactor back with the plucked blues and then using the bomb-rock Pikmin blow down a normal wall and send all Red Pikmin up at the top to help build the bridge. It should be somewhere between quarterday and halfday. Get your Blue Pikmin and go over to the second Ionium jet, to get it throw Pikmin onto the smaller ledge, go up yourself on Geyser and throw Pikmin at the end up to the #2 Ionium Jet.

Part 30 - A canon return (Day 14, The Distant Spring)

Now guess who you're going to face ontop of that bridge that the Pikmin HAVE finished building... right? It is noneother than the Armoured Cannon Beetle. You know how to kill him, so do it.

Plug up his nose hole by throwing Pikmin at it while he sucks in air (if they miss... most of your Pikmin are down) and then attack his steamy backside. Repeat if needed.

Take back the Bowsprit and the beetle if you have enough Pikmin for a rewarding 50 Pikmin.

Part 31 - The part in the blue (Day 14, The Distant Spring)

Between the first after-half-day mark and second. If you don't want to do this bit and do it tommorow feel free, but you may waste a day and not be able to do it within 15 or 16 days.

Pluck all Pikmin around the map. Then take out 60 Blues (Put all others away). Then go to the area where the progg egg is, and go behind it. Kill the puffy blowhog and get the Interstallar Radio. Take it back. On the way back, watch out for the Water Dumples and you may need to distract the Yellow Wollywogs. Pluck other Pikmin. You're done!

Information: You should be able to access the last area!

Tommorow we will explore the last area, and the day after (totalling 16 days) we will complete the game. Finally! Only one more ship part. About now is the time for a firework display :-).

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