Pikmin 2 Walkthrough

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This is the game guide for Pikmin 2.

This guide is being written by User:Benedict. It is written in Present (and a bit of past) tense, as he is writing it as he plays the game.

A few things to remember when reading:

  • He only mentions Nectar once or twice. This means it is your choice if you use nectar or not. The grass re spawns each day.
  • Pellet collecting can be done in free time, if you don't want to collect one of the said treasures.
  • The guide will be getting every treasure.
  • The "it should be midday" etc parts are at the time of playing. If you are before the timing, then that is a good thing and you might be able to attempt another part. If you are slower than that time, then you may need to rush.
  • The treasures may differ between the PAL and NTSC versions. He plays the PAL version.
  • Sublevel layouts may be different. So path descriptions may not match. Try to cope with this.


Day 1 - The Valley of Repose

Day one of the guide. Also the day you find the Red Pikmin.

Part 1: Cutscenes

Creating a new ship log starts the first cutscene, where the game shows you what happened to Olimar, "crashed on an uncharted planet on an interstellar vacation" and was "aided by ingenious creatures, which he called Pikmin". Then The President tells Olimar that his new local employee, Louie, was raided by some giant Space Rabbits, and they harvested his entire collection of Golden Pikpik Carrots. This put the company, Hocotate Freight, into an enormous loan. To help repay the dept, the president sold Olimar's spaceship, the S. S. Dolphin. Even after that the dept was still 10100 Pokos.

Spoiler: Major Spoiler

In his shock, Olimar drops a souvenir he bought from the Pikmin Planet. It rolled to Louie's feat, and was then analyzed by The Ship, as "treasure" worth a whopping 100 Pokos, more than a years salary! Now Olimar and Louie must return to the Pikmin planet to collect more treasure, and to repay the rest of the dept; Ten thousand Pokos.

Trivia: The hocotate planet looks a lot like Saturn in our solar system.

Part 2: Louie lost, Olimar overwhelmed

Upon the entering of the atmosphere of the Pikmin Planet, Olimar tries to land... but gets blinded by the snow and fog. One.. two... three... BANG! The ship hits a tree and Louie falls out. Olimar lands, almost crashed (if he did this game might have been a redone version of Pikmin 1), and the ship talks to Olimar. "Wait a moment! Look!" five Red Pikmin are attacking the first creature in this game, a Dwarf Red Bulborb... Call with B (Wii Controls are used in this guide) and... the red Pikmin are yours!

Information: Due to if they did, the game wouldn't be able to go further, these Pikmin will be shaken off when the enemy bites. You can't loose them.

The captain can't be hurt either.

Press A to throw a Pikmin and down on the D-pad to swarm them into the dwarf bulborb. A few seconds after defeating it the ship will exclaim that you can now switch to louie with -. Switch and you've got control of Louie. Walk up to the strange red thing with three legs... out pops a seed. This is an Onion, and the small red seed is a Pikmin Seed of the red color. It glows when it sprouts and louie's eyes pop!

Pluck it by pressing A at it. It stares at louie and louie runs away, but the Pikmin chases him. Throw the red Pikmin at a pellet posy (The plant like things). The Pikmin will carry it to the onion, and out pops two more Pikmin Seeds. Throw the red Pikmin at the next Pellet Posy and pluck the others. Then find another pellet posy and throw more Pikmin at it, until there are no more posies. Have 11 Pikmin in your party? Well then go down to the paper bag, and throw your 11 Pikmin on it. Switch back to Olimar with - and throw his 5 on. The bag will crush, and you are reunited.

Part 3: The Treasure

Get four Red Pikmin to take the Dwarf Red Bulborb lying dead on the ground to the Onion. You will now have 20 Pikmin. Now head up to the battery you saw... your first Treasure! Get your current Pikmin to unearth it. Once you have the other Pikmin the bulborb gave you get them to help.

The fraction above a carried item is (on the top) how many Pikmin are currently holding it, and on the bottom is the number needed. It is okay to turn this into an improper fraction, as it speeds it up. Once the Pikmin carry it to the Ship you'll see a menu.

This treasure is the Courage Reactor, as named by the ship, even though we know it is actually a Duracell D battery. Use the nunchucks control stick to rotate the object. Later you can read some of this tiny text, if you are lucky. It is worth 280 Pokos, and makes the total 280/10000 Pokos. Not bad!

Press A and your day is done. You will have to fly into low orbit for the night to avoid the dangerous nocturnal creatures. Hear the classic "Day Over" tune, and read some statistics about the day. First is funds earned, then Pikmin lost or grown (Press Z to toggle between them). You can loose Pikmin in battle, sunset, Fire, Water, Electricity (OUCH!), Explosions (Bomb-rocks) and finally Poison. Each except one type of Pikmin will have one immunity to these, Red Pikmin aren't set alight by fire. You won't see any of the latter Hazards (Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison and Explosions) until the later areas.

Tip: As you can see on the Pikmin section, there are five slots for Five types of Pikmin.

The last screen has Mail. On day one you'll get some from the president about your first bit of treasure. Now say hello to the Map Screen. Press left on the D-Pad for the Piklopedia and right for the treasure hoard. Then the areas available to access are there, with Above ground as treasures above ground and ??? as treasures which... you'll see. Day two tomorrow!

Day 2 - The Valley of Repose

Our first cave today.

Part 4: Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard

Before you reach today, check these out. From the map menu, press left on the D-Pad to go to the Piklopedia. Here you can see each enemy you have "interacted" with. Click on one with A to make it fullscreen and A will also throw Pikpik carrots at the enemy, which they will see as Pikmin.

Later in the game press 2 to petrify these. + triggers Olimar's Notes. Up and down on the Dpad zooms in and out. Z and then moving the control stick circles the creature.

The treasure hoard is a bit like this. You have the same controls (except throwing carrots). If you zoom in you can read on the Courage Reactor; DURACELL →

D Alkaline MN0000 1.5v LR6 MAR 2010

And some very small text which is hard to read. The last line is "Do not recharge".

Anyway, onto the day.

Part 5: The Valley of Repose 2

Call the "lazy" (as the ship calls them) Pikmin out the onion by pressing A under the light of the onion. Select all the Pikmin. Now take them and get the Pellets by the onion and by the other cardboard box. Take the other Pikmin to where you found the Red Onion, and take those Pellets to. Pluck all of them.

Tip: For faster Pikmin plucking, repetitively press A while plucking them, or/and use both captains.

Now take all the Pikmin and get the large 5 Pellet on the ridge by the onion... Got 47 Pikmin? Good. Go to the other paper bag and load them on, flattening it. Kill the Dwarf Red Bulborb but NOT the large one yet. Take back the spoils left behind by the Dwarf.

Also, did you notice the bar at the top of the screen? It should be around (past, a bit) quarter-day. This time meter wasn't on the first day but is on this day and every day following! When it gets to the other side it is nightfall, but that will be covered later.

Time for the Red Bulborb, the big bulborb. Red. Go behind it and choose one of the following; swarming or throwing. Swarming is faster but more risky. Throwing takes longer and so more Pikmin could die but is safer. I prefer swarms. But these are red pikmin! They are more powerful than the rest (actually, that was a lie, but still.)... after it is killed... take it back for Pikmin. Also, how many did you loose?

  • 30 Pikmin+ - Train much more. You'll need it. Or perhaps the game was glitching.
  • 20-29 Pikmin - Meh. Good for a starter. Otherwise, you'll need practice.
  • 10-19 Pikmin - Not too bad. Could do better.
  • 1-9 Pikmin - Good job! You didn't loose tooo many.
  • 0 Pikmin - You've done this before!

Put any Pikmin you didn't send with the beasts to the white Gate near the back of the dome. Leave the treasure, you probably won't have enough Pikmin for today. Half-day. Once they are done get all your new Pikmin and the done gaiters and get them to carry the Utter Scrap, a Treasure, to the ship for 170 Pokos. Three-quarter day.

Now head back to the now-down gate... with all of your Pikmin. Got 55+ Pikmin? Awesome. 40+ isn't too bad either. Just AT LEAST 11... no, more than that. 30.

Part 6: The Hole

"Interesting... Warm air is welling up from the hold in the ground before you". These are the words when you approach the strange object with something glowing in front of it. Delve in by pressing A... don't just sit there cringing.

You'll see a screen. At the top is the name of the cave, in this case, Emergence Cave. Below are four symbols Remember Fire, Water, Electricity and Poison on the Pikmin death screen at the end of the day? These are what they stand for. None are lit up, so there are no hazards... except enemies!

Now there is Treasures (as in, collected) and Pikmin entering. You'll want all of them. Any not in the first number will return to the ships pod magically, and this is how you get Pikmin stuck somewhere in the game back without loosing them. More about that later. Press A and delve in! One... two... three!

Tip: The game will save now. You can, if you slip up in a cave, return to this save point.

Cave - Emergence Cave - Sublevel 1

Oooh... all spooky... the ambient noises are strange... well, you ARE deep down inside a hole. Down here a "strong magnetic force" keeps time from "flowing" and so in one sublevel you have as much time as you need. From seconds to years... well, maybe not years.

After some speech go forwards. Kill the Snow Bulborbs and collect both the Citrus Lump (180 Pokos, 30 Weight) and the Quenching Emblem (100 Pokos, 4 Weight). If you wish you can take the beasts back, but they aren't worth very much... oh well, they still contribute. Two pokos.

Once all the treasure is collected you will hear a strange sound in the background... so find the next hole and go down! Ble ble blu ble ble blu bluuu.... "This hole appears to be quite deep. My sensors indicate more treacherous terrain ahead". Yeah. Also, even if they are not in your party they will still go down with you. Once again, the game saves.

Cave - Emergence Cave - Sublevel 2

FINAL LEEEVEL! Kill the two Snow Bulborbs and head up to the globe... this is so heavy, even 100 Pikmin can't lift it! Oh no! But only 100 Pikmin can be in the party at once! What will we doo? Clue; the ship says "I fear even 100 Red Pikmin will be unable to lift it!". Not "100 Pikmin". So, kill the other bulborbs and head into the next area.

Ble ble blu ble ble blu bluuu.... "Astounding! A flower blooms in a cave deep beneath the snowy landscape! Clearly it is warmer down here than above. Look. The Pikmin are restless... They look as if they yearn to be thrown into the flower."

You know what to do. Aim... and fire! Up to five Pikmin can be thrown into each flower. Hmm, what is this? A Purple Pikmin spout? Pluck it and you will see... yes! It is! These Pikmin are really heavy, and shake the ground. "Amazing! A purple Pikmin! It has chaise.. and is quite stocky. It seems very heavy and strong."

These Pikmin aren't in Olimar's report and so are an entirely new type. Now try putting these new Pikmin onto the globe... woah what happened? The number is really high... that is because one Purple Pikmin can lift something weighing 10. Add them up... 100 Purples = An object weighing 1000! (There IS actually an object weighing 1000). They move it slower though... so only use Purples for enemies if you can.

Information: The flower you threw the red Pikmin in is called the Violet Candypop Bud.

The Spherical Atlas (200 Pokos, 101 Weight) is finally here! It is a "special item", part of the Exploration Kit, and so glows. "There is a device resembling a microchip embedded inside this sphere. Retrieving data... Error. I could only decode a portion of the date, but I did retrieve new geographic charts". You now need to head to the water-spewing thing. The geyser. Escape the cave by pressing A at this. Go go! Out of the cave!

Tomorrow we will explore a new area, which the Spherical Atlas unlocked. Cave complete! 502 Pokos I got in this cave, 22 Pokos worth of enemies. 952 Pokos got so far.

Night! (don't forget to save). Also, as the ship mentions, you have as much time as you need to collect treasure. No 30 day limit in this game.

New Enemies:

New Treasure:

Day 3 - The Awakening Wood

Today we visit the Awakening Wood.

Part 7: Purple Power

Hi. Just some general information about the guide, I won't be mentioning controls unless it is an unlocked control that is new. So if you get stuck look for the controls on the Pikmin 2 page.

So, land in the Awakening Wood area. Exceptionally good landing view, eh? "Greetings! It should please you to know the purple Pikmin are lodged safely in my hull". "Stand in the ring of light below me and press A to call the purple Pikmin out". Do so, and get all ten out. Also get fifty reds. Now you'll notice the leaves on all the Pikmin's heads... time to turn them into flowers!

Go right of the ship, near the Clovers, and find some grass. When near it the Pikmin will automatically pluck it... Yellow Nectar will plop out. Swarm as many pikmin as possible at it... and they will drink it. "The Pikmin that drank the nectar instantly matured into flower Pikmin. It appears to have enhanced motor skills. What a wondrous nectar!".

Purple power time. Take your (hopefully flowered) Purple Pikmin over to the three beasts, two Dwarf Red Bulborb and a Red Bulborb. Throw the purple pikmin onto (never, EVER swarm with purples) the dwarfs and they get... flattened! And instantly killed. How useful. Go behind the big one and... throw... and... wow, he got stunned? Yep, purple Pikmin can stun enemies. And they are powerful. Even 10 can kill a big bulborb in like, 2 seconds.

Go up to the ledge and get the Sunseed Berry (170 Pokos, 5 Weight) (Dept 10% complete!). Meanwhile with the Red Pikmin take the beasts. Also swarm some harmless Female Shergrubs near an opening, diagonal of the red onion. Get all of your Pikmin and go into that little alcove. Put half to the gate and half up those strange plants (swarm at base). They will attack it and down comes berries. Let them take it to the ship. Quarterday. "Astounding! This red berry contains an ultra-spicy essence." Once ten are back... "Captain Olimar, my research on the red berries you discovered has yielded a powerful potion!" Now, take all your pikmin (if they have finished the gate) to this area in the picture.
Area gold.png

Throw Purple Pikmin at it. I lost three in he water accidentally so... anyway, out pops a Iridescent Glint Beetle. Throw Purples on it for 3 five pellets then two sprays. "The red liquid you see contains refined ultra-spicy essence. One drop contains one dose."

Attempt the double spray glitch if possible (see Pikmin 2 Glitches) for two sprays out of one drop. But otherwise, head back to the now-down gate. Halfday. Kill the enemy on the other side by swarming. Here is something hard to attempt, another part, up high. Normally you would need yellows to get this treasure but if you stand in the position bunched up next to the tree leg (left side) and throw purples you might be able to get it. If you don't do it when you get Yellow Pikmin. I get it. The treasure is the Hypnotic Platter (I think it is different in the US version (100 Pokos, 4 Weight)).

Part 8: Cave again

Collect these treasure carrying Pikmin, and head up to the paper bag. It weighs 200. You can't get this because you only have 10 Purples, 10x10 = 100. Yeah, and so 100 reds. 10x10+100 = 200. But you can't have 110 Pikmin in the field. So nope!

Go left, but before you go through the plant, take a closer look at it... are those... eyes?!? Yep. I just swarm part this beast (it is a Creeping Chrysanthemum, and also a beast to spell). It has a lot of health if you do fight it, (it will pop up when a pikmin is near it), and so stunning is needed. Go past it, and left, into another hole. The Hole of Beasts.

"Krrzt! Bzzrrt! Biological sensors are reacting violently. The readings are ominous. A beast of unknown power lurks in these depths. A large Pikmin group would be reassuring".

Uh oh. Click on it and you'll see... fire is lit up (no pun intended)! But you DO have Red Pikmin, don't you? Good. In we go.

Cave - Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 1

Another scary cave... although slightly pleasant on the first floor. Expect Male Shergrubs, which DO eat your Pikmin (they are purple, harmless female are white) to pop up. Go into each corner and expect anything to happen. Pinch the treasure in the big area, the Stone of Glory (100 Pokos, 5 Weight).

Take back the corpse.

Cave - Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 2

This level is calm... the music is peaceful... warm light is shining... it MUST be a Rest Level! Well, sort of. Get nectar and/or sprays out of Eggs and Violet Candypop Buds for more Purple Pikmin (if you have 20 or more then they won't show up). Go down to the next floor when you are done.

Tip: Use purple Pikmin for the eggs in case they have Mitites in.

Cave - Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 3

Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Swarm the fire geysers with Red Pikmin to put them out. There are no enemies except the fire on this floor.

Tip: You can also use Purple Pikmin, but they get set alight. Call an alight Pikmin to extinguish them.

So do that. Find the Strife Monolith (150 Pokos, Weight) in the little alcove where fire is, and the Cosmic Archive (230 Pokos, 15 Weight) near the next-floor hole. Go down!

Cave - Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 4

Do I hear a bulborb sleeping? Kill it. Take back its treasure (The Dream Architect (280 Pokos, 20 Weight)). In one of the alcoves, without eggs, throw a purple Pikmin. Some Mitites will be instantly killed if that is the alcove they are in.

Then find the other treasure, which only weighs 1. Near it will be another Violet Candypop Bud, so use it. Use the eggs for nectar for these newborns, and perhaps some sprays. Continue down for the final floor.

Cave - Hole of Beasts - Sublevel 5


Yeah, what is that snoring co- holy pikmin! What is THAT? THAT is Empress Bulblax... you fight her three times in this game. Wife of Emperor Bulblax... I think.

Take one red Pikmin and put it on this beasts body. Then take it off. It will wake up and face you. Throw purples on it, then quickly take them off when it "whoops" twice or three times. It will then roll (if it doesn't carefully attack again), after shaking them off, and flatten any Pikmin killing them in its path. It rolls once left, then once right, then to center. Rinse and repeat.

Dead! Finally! Hey look, it dropped a... love tester? "How bizarre. This device is emitting black light. It must have been ingested by that creature". Take both the body and the Prototype Detector (200 Pokos, Weight, part of the Exploration Kit) to the ship. This is a special item and gives you the Treasure Gorge, which has a needle which points to the right side when treasure is near. How convenient! Out the cave!

Part 9: Out

Out the cave! 1139 Pokos of treasure collected in this cave, 39 being beasts for me. 2361/10000 so far... hmm, 20% already! In three days!

Warning!: Make sure to save, or everything could be lost!

What to do now? Enter the other c- we COULD enter the next cave, and for some reason, I want to wait until tomorrow. But! We still have a lot of time (threequarterday passed before we entered the cave). Head over to the paper bag and load it with purples. It should flatten. Kill the enemy on the other side.

Yep, I'm going into the cave. You could just wait until tomorrow and in this time collect Pikmin and sprays. "Astounding! My metal detectors are reacting violently. What would be down below?". Uh oh.

White Flower Garden. Fire. Poison is the other one! But we don't have anything resistant to poison... yet. Into the cave!

Cave - White Flower Garden - Sublevel 1

Rusty terrain greets you. So do some Male Shergrubs (and female) when you move forward. Dispose of them then find the Nutrient Silo (130 Pokos, 15 Weight) in one of the corners.

Now when you approach the treasure the gauge will bleep violently. When no more treasure is on the floor is will turn gray. Collect this treasure and continue down.

Cave - White Flower Garden - Sublevel 2

Say hello to the new enemy, the Fiery Blowhog. To defeat it, just swarm with reds or throw purples. Once they are both defeated collect the two treasures, the Petrified Heart (100 Pokos, 5 Weight) and the other: the Drought Ender (100 Pokos, 4 Weight). They may be in the "Platforms" in the middle of the level, and if so, just throw Pikmin down there. Be careful not to loose them into the bottomless abyss!

Warning!: The blowhogs buck, and may throw Pikmin off the edge of the level if you are not careful!

Sublevel 3 is next...

Cave - White Flower Garden - Sublevel 3

The terrain... changes. A little bit. On this level, you get a new type of Pikmin.

The rest level music is playing! Walk down for another text cutscene, this time showing a white candypop flower instead of a purple one. The ship then speaks;

"How can a flower so deep underground bloom so robustly?!? How mysterious... The place is conspicuously warm. Could it act as a kind of hothouse for foliage? What an interesting development: the Pikmin look as if they long to be thrown into the flower..."

You know what to do. Remember to use your Red Pikmin. Throw five into each Ivory Candypop Bud, and out pops... a white pikmin seed? Pluck it. Out pops a White Pikmin.

"Incredible! A white Pikmin! It is tiny, but looks distinctly swift. Its eyes are an unseemly red. This type of Pikmin was not mentioned in your notes, Olimar. It must be an entirely new type! Our data record on this type is a blank page, since a certain captain never documented them. You must experiment and make detailed observations for the benefit of future generations."

Yep, these Pikmin might be weak in battle but they take treasure and spoils back really fast. Remember to pluck all fifteen. Move around to some Clovers where you will find Honeywisps, which provide eggs once attacked. Now, find the exact spot the Treasure Gauge is bleeping at. Where is the treasure...? Wait, what are the white Pikmin doing?

Digging? "Amazing! The white Pikmin have unearthed a treasure that was completely buried in the ground! Perhaps those beady red eyes of theirs allow them to sense objects buried in the dirt." Remember to swarm near the treasure to get them to un-dig it. Once it is unearthed a bit more Pikmin will join in. Let the whites and reds take it back, they will move really fast.

Find the hole and go down.

Cave - White Flower Garden - Sublevel 4

Poison? Poison? POISON?! Don't worry. Let the white Pikmin attack the geysers emitting poison, and they will go out. Make the White Pikmin disable all poison geysers. Then find the half-buried Toxic Toadstool (30 Pokos, 5 Weight) and the Container of Sea Bounty (130 Pokos, 20 Weight). Unless the poison counts, there are no enemies on that floor.

Next floor... is also the final!

Cave - White Flower Garden - Sublevel 5


Take all purples and go up to the little "pond" like dip, but not in it, on this level. Now press the 2 button to spray the Ultra-spicy spray and see what it does...

"Astounding! The heads of the Pikmin are glowing, and they look extremely agitated. The ultra-spicy spray appears to increase Pikmin speed and attack power! What a discovery!"

Now walk in... wait for it... wait for- and out pops the head of the boss, the Burrowing Snagret. To defeat this beast, throw Pikmin on its head while it's head is stuck in the ground. If its body pops up the moment it appears back away! Remember, use purple Pikmin to win.

Do what I do in the video above. Once it is dead, you'll have access to the special treasure, the Five-man napsack (100 Pokos, 15 Weight). Consider using the triplet eggs on the side of the battlefield for nectar or taking back the head of the snagret, worth 10 pokos. When the napsack is back, you can use the Napsack. Press C with no Pikmin in your party to have "a rest". This is used for a glitch involving dweevils.

Out the cave we go!

Hmm, 670 Pokos (680 if you include my 10 pokos of beasts)? Isn't too much... but now we are 30% done with our dept! So far, I have 3041 Pokos.

Part 10: Out v.2

30% of dept... and a little bit of day. What to do? Lets get another (easy) treasure. Remember to return before sunset, otherwise any Pikmin not in your party will die.

Head over to the large plant pot, right of the ship (near the grass). You will find an Iridescent Flint Beetle. Throw whites on top of it. It will release pellet, nectar, spray.

You might not have time to get this treasure. "Olimar! Louie! The sun will be setting soon. Call all of the Pikmin to you!" Yeah. I didn't have time. The countdown started. So remember the flint beetle location. We will collect that treasure... tomorrow!

Hey hey, hear a new trumpety-end of day tune? It is a rare one... ;) this is what I'm talking about.

Tomorrow, more exploration!

New Enemies:

New Treasure:

Aka, quite a lot.

Day 4 - The Awakening Wood

Today we return to the Awakening Wood.

Part 11: White Pikmin Power

When I say power, I don't mean physical power, but you will see. Today, head to the Awakening Wood. Head to the flint beetle area, it probably will not have returned. Oh first, the ship tells you something. "The white Pikmin are safely lodged in my hull". Once again, stand in the light and select the white Pikmin. Take them out. All of them. Take out about 20 Purple Pikmin and 45 Red Pikmin. Now head over to the flint beetle area.

Take your white Pikmin up the ledge to the purple flowers. Throw them onto the area next to it with a yellow flower. They will dig something up. Leave them to it. Use this time to gather Pikmin and nectar.

Once they get the Pilgrim Bulb (55 Pokos, 10 Weight) to the ship, take the whites and other Pikmin to the white flower garden cave area. (Not in the cave). Then put 7 White Pikmin to the gate glowing with poison. Take the other Pikmin with you to another gate, but leave one captain there.

Kill the Creeping Chrysanthemum if it is there. Then find the poison gate (near the Hole of Beasts, actually below the cave) and put the other white Pikmin (8 of them) on... and leave them there. Quarter day.

Now you have some time to burn... choose what you want to do wisely. Pellet collecting? Beast bashing? Your choice. Also about now you should have the message "Olimar, we have a problem.. The onion has ceased ejecting seeds. Is it malfunctioning?" and more. You can't have more than 100 Pikmin (101 +) in the field at once... but we only have 95 taken out! Could there be wild Pikmin somewhere?

Yeah, there is. More info on that later. Every now and then check the gate status... Midday it was three-quarters down (the hole of beasts one). Hopefully soon you will hear the dinglydong of one gate done. If it is the white flower garden one, wait until the other is done. When it is take your purple Pikmin and kill the creeping chrysanthemum inside. Then head up to the other half of the globe... "Fascinating! This object is highly similar to the one you found in the Valley of Repose".

For now get them to bash the bridge. Once done then you can get them to carry it back to the ship (very slowly). Now is the other gate done? Good. Should be done before threequarterday. If it isn't... You might be unable to get this treasure. No worries though!

When you are in throw all but one Pikmin on top of the ledge. Then use one Pikmin to balance the scales. You will rise up and the other Pikmin will go down. You will collect it in a minute.

Find and take back the treasure Chance Totem (100 Pokos, 15 Weight). You'll see some strange purple berries, but they aren't going to be got today. Now look at the map and gather all Pikmin not doing work (caring the two treasures). Go down the scales so you can collect that Pikmin, then return to The Ship.

Part 12: The whites again

Is the Geographic Projection (200 Pokos, 101 Weight) back? Good. You've got a new area accessed. Now, take 20 red Pikmin (put the rest away) and go into the cave White Flower Garden with them. You will see why in a minute...

Once in, "skip" sublevel one and two. By skip I mean leave all Pikmin next to the start (unless there is an enemy there), and run to the hole and go down. Don't battle anything.

Information: Remember, Pikmin will always advance to the next floor of a cave wherever they are. If they are still planted they will die though.

On the third floor, take all your Red Pikmin. You know what to do. More White Pikmin! So throw them into the Ivory Candypop Buds, and get 15 whites. Then skip the rest of the floors and escape (remember to pluck your whites).

And out! Today is done. The main thing you had to do was get that globe, to access a new area. This area will be explored on Day 5, tomorrow.

New Enemies:

New Treasure:

Day 5 - The Perplexing Pool

New area!

Part 13: The Yellow Pikmin

Today we will be blasting off to the new area we unlocked, the Perplexing Pool in search of treasure to complete our 1000 poko dept. So far I have 3396 Pokos, and you should have around that number.

There are four caves in this region, one being easy, another being even easier, the next being medium and the last... *cringes* So yeah. Land in the region. Pikmin 1 players will note that it looks a bit like The Distant Spring. However many things are different.

Hey, upon landing, in the cutscene... did I just see a yellow onion?!

Take out 15 White Pikmin, as many as possible Purple Pikmin and 40 Red Pikmin. Then head down the ramp... hey! "Look! Off in the distance! Wild Pikmin! Can you see them, Captain Olimar? They are yellow Pikmin. You encountered them when you crashed on this planet, correct? It would be most helpful if they remember you, like the red ones did. Yes, most helpful."

Now if you go right from the landing area, you will encounter Sherwigs, basically flying Male Shergrubs, and an un built crossing. So, go left, and you will spot a frog - the Yellow Wollywog. Give it a purple pikmin pound. Then move on. Stay near the wall and find the scales - then throw all but one Pikmin up, balance the scales, and move forwards. The Swooping Snitchbug may pick up your Pikmin; don't scream - it just replants them. Ignore it if possible. Is that a bulborb on fire? Yep, the fiery bulblax. Ignore it for now... we will attack it later.

Move forwards... "What is this? A strange, mold-like botanical entity has spread across the ground here. Interesting. I am detecting other plant life suffocating beneath it..". Once the Fiery Blowhog is killed, swarm this mould with Pikmin. It will shrink and out pops some of those berry-producing plants. Quarterday. Find the bridge (right next to the plants) and build it.

When the strange caterpillars appear from the ground to eat the plants, attack them (leave the bridge) then rework on the bridge. Then swarm the base of the plants, and as long as the bridge is done (and the sherwigs are killed) they should carry the new type of berry back.

As soon as 10 berries are there... the Ultra-bitter spray is made! Press 1 to spray this on enemies. Not yet though. Now return to the fiery bulblax.


Take all red Pikmin and spicy-spray them. Throw and swarm. Try not to loose any Pikmin.

Get the white Pikmin onto the poison gate, and take the reds to the plants for more berries. Take purples over to the eggs on the right side of the bulblax, the way where the scales are. Smash them. I was lucky and got a bitter spray. you might get a drop of bitter or spicy, or just nectar.

Now I'm worrying about time... I don't know if I can get in the cave... but once the gate is down, get those yellow Pikmin. See it sparking? Yellow are resistant to yep, you guessed it: electricity. Now get the pellets and fiery bulblax. Short on time. We wont get into the cave today. Oh well, more time for Pikmin collecting!

Sunset is near. Deposit all Yellows and collect the Pikmin at the scales if any. Also, I'll mention this now: Swooping Snitchbugs at sunset are NOT fun.

New Enemies:

New Treasure:

  • None! But loads tomorrow!

Day 6 - Perplexing Pool

Today we will actually get some treasure.

Part 14: The Yellow Work

You do have yellow Pikmin don't you? Back to the perplexing pool. Hopefully today we will obtain 2 or more treasures and enter a cave.

Take 30 if you have that many Yellow Pikmin and 40 Red Pikmin, alongside as many purple as possible and 10-15 white. Go over the bridge and left. You will see a treasure... go into the gap and throw 10 yellows up. They may get stuck. Later the treasure will be back at the ship.

Now go to the little ridge near the small pool of water - next to the berry plants - and to the left side of them. Throw Pikmin up, and go up yourself. Move them along the top and to the treasure, the Gherkin Gate (100 Pokos, 15 Weight). By now the Impediment Scourge (50 Pokos, 10 Weight) should be back to the ship.

While the two treasures are being processed collect some ultra-bitter berries. Quarterday. Once you have the treasures and berries back, head to the left side (the way of the scales) and you will see a cave...

"Krzzt! My sensors are giving out foreboding signals. These signals could very well mean... ...that this hole is filled with wretched, nasty bugs! Vicious, program-terminating bugs!"

Citadel of Spiders. Fire. Electricity. Before you go in, confirm you have Red, Yellow, White and Purple Pikmin. If you don't go get them. If you do... in we go!

Part 15: The Citadel of Spiders

In we go!

Cave - Citadel of Spiders - Sublevel 1

Kill any harmless Skitter Leafs and harmful Sherwigs. Then find the Love Nugget (40 Pokos, 20 Weight), out in the open. And you are done. What a short sublevel!

Next floor!

Cave - Citadel of Spiders - Sublevel 2

You will be happy to know this level is a tiny bit more challenging... quite fun, actually.

Because of the many variations of this level... if you see a gate behind you not near enemies knock it down, and behind it may be a Violet Candypop Bud to use. If there isn't, have a look around... well, you can see fire can't you? Loads of fire geysers. But in the "main area" you can see some Yellow Wollywogs and some strange... red spiders?

Head in with purple Pikmin and kill the wollywogs. Some may drop treasure. Now these cute spiders are called Dweevils. This red one is the Fiery Dweevil, and emits fire. There are more dweevils to cover the other types (Water dweevils and pos ion dweevils, alongside electric dweevils). But enough of that. Throw purples on top, and if they don't stun them quickly take them back and try again. When they are stunned little "sparks" appear by their head or body.

If they don't get stunned, when their health is low, they will emit whatever hazard it may be, like these and fire. Sometimes they will use other treasure or dead enemies as protection, just let purples attack it and they will drop this treasure or enemy. This can be sometimes funny, ever seen a dweevil put a bulborb on its head?

Once done find and take the Activity Booster (30 Pokos, 4 Weight), the Lip Service (50 Pokos, 4 Weight) and finally the half-buried (you don't need White Pikmin) Paradoxical Enigma (80 Pokos, 4 Weight) which is actually a head of a duck. Seeing a dweevil with this on its head is unmissable.

What a floor, eh? But that is it, so once you have found the gate use the candypop behind it (it may not appear).

Cave - Citadel of Spiders - Sublevel 3

So, will this floor be any easier? I'm afraid to say... this floor is one of the hardest in the cave. There are some new enemies, called the Anode Beetles, which if you watch, send electric signals to each other through a beam of deadly electricity. Only use yellow Pikmin, or purple if you are taking a risk, as ELECTRICITY INSTANTLY KILLS ANY TOUCHING PIKMIN except yellow. It also damages the captain, like fire.

Tip: When there is only one anode beetle left in a big space, it won't electrify as there is not another anode beetle nearby.

Now go and kill with yellows or purples the anode beetles, and being very careful of the Swooping Snitchbug in the main area. To kill them you must throw a Pikmin on them to flip them over, then swarm. Once they are all gone find the black gate where the treasure gauge bleeps violently but there is no visible treasure. Put the yellows on (get rid of the snitchbug first). Once this gate is down get whites to big up the treasure.

I forgot to mention that another snitchbug may appear in that alcove. When you have finished the digging. If it doesn't it is somewhere else. Probably in another alcove. Take the Memorial Shell (100 Pokos, 10 Weight) to the ship. Now head into the other main area.

Kill the snitchbug and beetles and find the next alcove with a visible treasure in. A snitchbug may appear here, which can be annoying as the treasure is big. Take this Open Architecture (130 Pokos, 20 Weight) to the ship.. Hey! I have exactly 4000 Pokos of treasure after this.

Find the hole and down we goooo!

Cave - Citadel of Spiders - Sublevel 4

Oh for- this level is evil. Plain evil. You may see a creature that is small and blue which is like a slug in its movements called a Water Dumple. If you swarm them you will guarantee a Pikmin eaten. Throw purple instead. So kill it if one is near, and be careful of ones behind gates.

Now move until you find an orange creature poking its head out of a green thing. When it strikes forward to eat a Pikmin, avoid it, and when it starts moving back swarm it, be careful of the nearby Water Dumple which evilly ate one of my reds. Get them to take back the chocolate, left behind by the orange beast, the King of Sweets (15 Pokos, Weight) and meanwhile knock down the gate. Inside should be the 7-weighing Time Capsule (70 Pokos, 7 Weight). Then go back to the pod and knock down the black gate. The one without a candypop behind.

Move forward. Now kill the dumple and go back. Stop the fire and knock down the gate with the Ivory Candypop Bud behind it, if it is near (the sublevel may have a different layout for you). Use the candypop then go forwards and kill the next orange creature, and find the Flame of Tomorrow (10 Pokos, 10 Weight) inside the pipe. Last treasure.

Next floor is last.

Cave - Citadel of Spiders - Sublevel 5

FINAL FLO- never mind...

When you land you will see the giant area... for a giant boss! Head upwards to the little area beside the large. In one of the glowing plants (Common Glowcap) is a flint beetle. Get it for nectar and a spray.

Find the entrance to the large area. Don't go in. Separate all Pikmin and make yellows at the top. Then take your captain and only your captain and head in... keep going forwards... zoom in the camera for added effect...

Where is the boss- HOLY BULBORBS what is that? Giant spider! (Beady Long Legs). To kill this massive boss, ignore his stomping legs (they are his attack, and crush / kill Pikmin) and throw Yellow Pikmin (use a spicy spray for quickness) onto his round torso. He will start smoking when you lower is health into the red.

There. Do that if you are stuck. Only it will be darker. When he is killed, out of his torso comes The Key (100 Pokos, 1 Weight). Pick it up Pikmin. Pick it up goddamn it! Shut up ship! While the key is being taken back, use white Pikmin on one of the ledges in the smallish area. The white Pikmin will start digging something up... The key is back. "This object seems familiar. I will combine it with the president's parallel-dimension controller." What? Since when did they exist? "Alert!!! Sensors indicate a massive dimensional shift at a distant location." ... "I'm receiving a message from a far-flung dimension. Displaying the message now... "Challenge mode can now be accessed from the title screen." It appears to be total gibberish. Hopefully the message has reached its intended recipient. I will name this apparently worthless device the Key." Right. Well it unlocked challenge mode. More about that later. Anyway, on one of the small ledges, the whites dig up a jewel. This is the Regal Diamond (100 Pokos, 5 Weight). This brings my total up to 4298 Pokos. Find the exit geyser and escape. Also if that boss scared the life out of you, you've still got a lot more of them to battle. ;) 752 in the cave, 27 being beasts meaning the total without enemies is 725 pokos.

Part 16: Finishing for the day - another cave

I'm getting worse at these titles... but anyway, 40% of dept recovered. And still not half day. So, another cave perhaps? *wipes sweat off forehead* yeah. Lets go to another easy - fun - awesome - cute cave. I'm not joking.

Put all except Purple and Yellow Pikmin away. Also, make sure you have at least 2 bitter sprays. If you don't go get some. Get some Yellow Pikmin if you don't have 35 or more. I also think you should bring a few (10) reds. In the end I got 10 Red, 35 Yellow and 24 (didn't have 25) purple. Now head to the wetland. Go right, and find some nectar grass. You will need nectar so use the grass, then head over the bridge. Keep going forward, past the eggs (which you should use, I got a bitter spray).

Now you should on your right (facing towards the scales) see a drop, and a gate glowing with electricity. Go down, and put only yellow at the gate (because other Pikmin will instantly die). If the wollywog notices and attacks... uh oh. It shouldn't if you stay in the little "pot" to the side of the gate. This gate should be the one which is metal, and facing the large wetland at the back, not the one in front of the scales.

Once they are done threequarterday should have passed. You are so close to the cave it shouldn't matter if sunset is near. Kill the honeywisp then go up to the hole.

"Interesting! My odor detectors are reacting... A strong scent wafts from that hole! I am a machine, so rating scents is beyond me, but your faces tell me all I need to know. You are both drooling... I wish, just once, I could feel what it is like to drool."

And with that, in we go! Electricity is only lit up - no fire or anything else. One... two... three!

Cave - Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 1

Hmm, wooden toy box terrain! How nice! Upon entering, you will see black dwarf bulborbs called Dwarf Spotty Bulbears. The larger version is also in this cave, and is why you need a bitter spray. Kill like any other dwarf, only they can detect Pikmin from further away and have more health. One purple thrown on top will do.

Inside the box is the treasure. Kill the dwarf inside with yellows then collect the treasure, the Master's Instrument (30 Pokos, 4 Weight) and beasts if you wish.

Next floor!

Cave - Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 2

Now this is one of my favorite levels in the game. A train set and some Breadbugs. The breadbug's are the round creatures with brown on top and white on the bottom. Like a roll of bread.

Go round the train set on the outside to kill all shergrubs and a Cloaking Burrow-nit before finding the treasures. The treasures are the Imperative Cookie (25 Pokos, 5 Weight) and the Survival Container (130 Pokos, 10 Weight). If one is missing, kill all the breadbugs and re look for it. The treasures may be only reachable with Yellow Pikmin or be on the ground. To kill this, throw Pikmin on top of them until they barrel roll and die, or the classic drag to ship.

Tip: Breadbugs can't normally kill Pikmin unless they are dragged with the treasure or enemy into the breadbug's lair.

To do this wait until they latch onto a treasure and put double the amount of Pikmin needed onto the treasure yourself. The breadbug will be dragged to the ship, hit its head and loose most of its health. Repeat.

Next floor! Don't worry, the cute Breadbugs will be back!

Cave - Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 3

Electricity! Disable this first with Yellow Pikmin. Basically, hide all except yellows in a corner (make sure nothing falls) and then run around the level killing Anode Beetles, disabling the electric nodes and finding and killing the giant Puffy Blowhog. Kill breadbugs last.

If you see the Golden Candypop Bud (yellow) use it, to add to your piklopedia, as it is the only one in the game. Use a yellow Pikmin to avoid loosing any. Just once. Now find the Director of Destiny (100 Pokos, 20 Weight) and the Harmonic Synthesizer (120 Pokos, 10 Weight).

Once again, if you can't find them, kill all Breadbugs and look again.

Cave - Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 4

Watch out for the giant Spotty Bulbear. It is big, and always awake. Said to be one of the most dangerous enemies in the game... So! Use the bitter spray... when it and the dwarfs come, press 1.

"Most impressive! This fierce beast became as hard as stone in a mere instant! The ultra-bitter extract seems to have a side effect that stops beasts in their tracks!!!".

So, now swarm them. The big one is first priority. The littles, if they didn't get frozen, are dangerous so second priority. But the big can mouthful 10 Pikmin at a time...

Once they are gone, the big bulbear will drop the Drone Supplies (100 Pokos, 15 Weight) and so get that. The littles drop nothing but nectar and if you are lucky, a spray. Now that the big threat is gone... continue with the easy level. And so the mug, the Invigorator (130 Pokos, 20 Weight) and the sweet White Goodness (60 Pokos, 8 Weight) can now be got without trouble. There are no more, excluding breadbugs, enemies on this sublevel except maybe a dwarf bulbear.

If you can't find them, you know what to do. They may be up high.

Cave - Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 5

Move as soon as you can get here. Why? Because of the rock-spitting Armored Cannon Beetle Larva that are in the dirt pits on this level. Three of them. There are more dirt pits than cannon beetles, so find one without a beetle and hide there. Take purples to the ones with cannon beetles in. Sprays may need to be used.

These rocks kill Pikmin. To kill the beetles, throw Purples on. They do buck, and Dwarf Spotty Bulbears may eat Pikmin. Kill all three then take down all bulbears.

Eggs may fall in alcoves, but still, find the treasures. One of these is the 35-weighing Sulking Antenna (150 Pokos, 35 Weight). The other is the Magical Stage (150 Pokos, 20 Weight).

Head down for the next, and final floor!

Cave - Glutton's Kitchen - Sublevel 6


The music here isn't boss music, and there isn't much of a boss either. Take yellows in to deal with the anode beetles and electric nodes. Hey look! A Giant Breadbug! Yep, that is the boss. He is guarded by two smaller breadbugs. Once the electricity is no more, bring in all your Pikmin for a game of tug-of-war with the breadbugs.

To defeat the giant breadbug, you must use the pulling method twice. Out pops a treasure... but still, there are more breadbugs to kill. So, once the three treasures, two from the breadbug's den (Sweet Dreamer, Hideous Victual and the Meat of Champions) the final treasure, a rubber, the Dream Material, (100 Pokos, 10 Weight) is taken back.

"This intriguing material does not conduct electricity. It is far more advanced than the material I was researching. How frustrating. A space suit made from this wonder alloy would insulate the wearer from electric shocks. Excellent! This new material has allowed me to complete my Anti-electrifier!".

You are now immune to electricity. You won't get hurt. So on that conclusion, out of the cave! 1317 Pokos of treasure, 47 being beasts. 5615 total... more than half way!

Part 17: Cave complete

And out! 50% of dept recovered. We got a lot in one day, eh? To finish the day, I just decided to get more ultra-bitter berries. There are no more (I think) treasures we can get without the next type of Pikmin. Final type of Pikmin. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0! Day done. Also, awesome trumpet end day tune today. Tomorrow: The awakening wood.

Wow that is a lot of treasures... 2219 Pokos of them...

New Enemies:

New Treasure:

Day 7 - The Awakening Wood

We return to the awakening wood today.

Part 17: Blue Pikmin

Take out 10 Red Pikmin, 30 Yellows, 10 Whites and 20 Purples, making 70 Pikmin. Head over to the area that divides the two caves, the White Flower Garden and the Hole of Beasts. Kill the chrysanthemum. Then throw all the Yellow Pikmin up the ledge, and go right towards the white flower garden. Then take a left turn, and go up the water. Then... Blue Pikmin!

"Look there! Wild Blue Pikmin are chasing prey at the waters edge! Perhaps by observing these wild specimens, we can understand more about their true nature... Krrzt! King! I apologize. I was momentarily entranced by them. Now, back to work!"

Once the Cloaking Burrow-nit is killed, put Yellow Pikmin at the Electric Gate. While they are doing this, put your view out, and then call to the Pikmin. "At last, you have encountered them! They seem to have gill-like ducts on their cheeks. They must be blue Pikmin! Like the other types, they look to you for direction. While they are indeed surviving naturally, they still seem to long for a valiant leader."

As soon as this text is finished, dismiss them or they will run up to the electric gate and die.. They will decide to re chase the enemies, kill them, and take them back. Now that they are in your party they can do that. They will take them to their onion, and the gate isn't even done! This is a very good time saver. They may decide to do pellets as well.

When the gate is down, you can go inside and help them. They (if you did the previous trick) may have already killed each Wogpole and got some Pellets. Finish up the area. Then get them to take the Decorative Goo (80 Pokos, 10 Weight) to the ship.

If you haven't already got the high-up Hypnotic Platter (100 Pokos, 4 Weight), then go get it with Yellow Pikmin. It is on the stump next to the paper bag. You may have already got it with purple Pikmin on the third day.

Take all Pikmin (except the ones carrying treasure) back to the ship. Once both things are back (or just one) take the blue Pikmin and get them to attack a crack left of the red onion, near a gate. When it is done... huh? The water drains away! Now put all Pikmin onto that gate. Should be past halfday.

Once it is done, go inside. Put all yellows onto the electric fence, accessible by going up the ledge and onto the little bridge over the gate... and threequarterday day. Meanwhile, leave one captain there and go back to the onions.

Leave ALL blue Pikmin out in the open. They will be safe, don't worry. Now take as many Red Pikmin out as possible, you should already have 10 whites and 20 purples... yes? If you don't...

Head up to the cave. "So, you have at least reached the higher ground. Congratulations are in order. ...Wait. What is this? My seismic sensors are picking up tremors deep below. What force is at work in the depths of the plant?

This cave is the Bulblax Kingdom... Fire. Electricity. Enter! You have red, yellow, white and purple Pikmin correct?

Cave - Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 1

Turn and find the Crimson Candypop Bud and use it. Use red Pikmin. This is to get it in your Piklopedia. Now go up to the orange and black bulborb... not right up. Stay outside of the alcove. The Orange Bulborb, even when you are quite a distance away, likes waking up.

Does the treasure gauge bleep? If no, ignore this specimen. If it does... go up to it, enough to wake it up. Now run to the opposite alcove, and once it gets to the ship, it will turn round and go back to sleep. The other way round. Now carefully pound it with Purple Pikmin.

Then, go into the alcove which is bigger and kill the two visible dwarfs. See the other Orange Bulborb? Kill it. Very carefully. You may loose Pikmin. It may drop the Crystal Clover (150 Pokos, 20 Weight).

Once the treasure is collected, next floor!

Cave - Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 2

This floor is easy! All you need to do is use Red Pikmin. Kill the Fiery Dweevils, then you may destroy the geysers with your Red Pikmin and throw them up onto the ledge, swarm them round, and collect the Tear Stone (150 Pokos, 5 Weight).

Next floor!

Cave - Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 3

Lots of flying Withering Blowhogs. So head into an alcove for protection. Then when you are ready... attack! Ignore the Female Shergrubs. Once all three blowhogs are down, find and un dig with white Pikmin (there is an Ivory Candypop Bud on this floor you may use) the Olimarnite Shell (40 Pokos, 15 Weight).

Use the egg if you need nectar, and go down to the next floor.

Cave - Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 4

This floor is difficult. Kill any near-by electric nodes and use any near-by Purple Candypop Buds (2 in total, but only one may appear). If they are not nearby, leave them for now.

Take your Purple Pikmin and find a spot where there is no visible treasure but the treasure gauge is bleeping violently. Here there should be one of two enemies - a harmless Iridescent Glint Beetle or a harmful Wollywog. The glint beetle provides the Crystal King (110 Pokos, 10 Weight) and the Wollywog gives the Unknown Merit (100 Pokos, 5 Weight). Some Anode Beetles may provide trouble for non-yellow Pikmin, so be careful.

Some Honeywisps will be around the Common Glowcaps for providence of nectar.

Cave - Bulblax Kingdom - Sublevel 5

After the last floor, you'll probably want a rest. Sorry! This floor is the first time you'll see Bomb-rocks. Move around with a single White Pikmin to start with, and deactiviate these. Then kill the Orange Bulborb and its dwarfs, and collect the almost-buried Anxious Sprout (50 Pokos, 15 Weight).

Eggs may also fall here and there.

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