Courage Reactor

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Courage Reactor
Treasure Number 159
Series Mystical Energy Series
Location Valley of Repose
Treasure Value 280
Weight 20
Max. Carriers 20

The Courage Reactor is the first treasure found in Pikmin 2. It is partially buried in the Valley of Repose and requires 20 Pikmin to carry it. It is a D Duracell battery. Once retrieved by the ship, the ship will be satisfied with the day's work and the first day will be completed.

In the Japan version of Pikmin 2, it was a "National Hi-Top" battery.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Olimar's Journal

"We've recovered our first treasure! Amazingly, the Pikmin remembered how to salvage it. I can't understand their adorable language and I don't know what they're thinking, yet I'm so happy to see them. When I crashed on this planet, the Pikmin helped me locate my missing ship parts. In my darkest hour, the Pikmin were there for me. Now that I'm reunited with them, I know everything will be alright. It will...right?"

[edit] Sales Pitch

"Physical energy is not the only kind! The energy dearest to us is that made by love and courage."

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