Citadel of Spiders

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Citadel of Spiders
Cave entrancecos.jpg
Location Perplexing Pool
Number of Sublevels 5
Number of Treasures 11
Total Treasure Value 795 Pokos
Hazards Fire, Electricity
Boss Beady Long Legs

The Citadel of Spiders is the first cave that the player encounters in Perplexing Pool. This cave has five sublevels.

Ship's Notes




Sublevel 1

Terrain: Dirt

Description: Many maze-like pathways. A few Shearwigs and Skitter Leaves are found.


Total Treasure Value: 40 Pokos

Sublevel 2

Terrain: Dirt

Description: Several fire hazards and pesky enemies like Yellow Wollywogs and Fiery Dweevils.


Total Treasure Value: 230 Pokos

Sublevel 3

Terrain: Dirt

Description: Contains electricity producing Anode Beetles, and Swooping Switchbugs.


Total Treasure Value: 230 Pokos

Sublevel 4

Terrain: Dirt/Rock

Description: Features Water Dumples and Hermit Crawmad enemies.


Total Treasure Value: Pokos

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